Working Toward a Resolution

When it comes to aerial imagery, one thing needs to be very clear: the picture. There are three major components to providing quality insights via aerial imagery:

  • Spatial Resolution
  • Spectral Resolution
  • Temporal Resolution

Spatial Resolution

Spatial resolution is the overall clarity of a picture. The higher the spatial resolution, the clearer the picture because the pixel size is smaller, which means there are more total pixels on the screen. The clearer the picture, the better AgMRI can identify agricultural issues. Flying farther away makes it easier to capture an entire farm, but can come with the trade-off of a less clear picture, which is why our high-tech cameras take into account more than just pixels.

Side by side comparison of AgMRI vs. satellite in the same week in early July.


Spectral Resolution

Spectral Resolution has nothing to do with pixel size. Think of it more as painting a picture. The more colors you use, the better your masterpiece. This is why multispectral analysis is so important. If we limited ourselves to visual bands, we would miss valuable plant growth indicators that can only be acquired through infrared and thermal.

Temporal Resolution

No matter how good the camera is, it does no good only to fly it once because field conditions can change rapidly. Intelinair matches our flight schedule to decisions that can be made. We fly more frequently early in the season to provide insights on planting and spraying and continue flights through harvest to find yield risk and drydown issues. Many of our analytics factor in change so you can make a direct comparison to how conditions differ from one flight to the next.

When it comes to succeeding in the imagery and analytics game, the solution is resolution. Our analytics demand spatial and spectral resolution that paints a clear picture of the field for both users and our computer analysis. When it comes to choosing a provider for aerial insights, we think the choice couldn’t be more clear!

AgMRI. Helping Farmers Prosper.



by Ivan “Alex” Dozier, MS, Agronomist

A native of Southern Illinois, farming and agronomy are in Ivan’s genes. Inspired by his father’s work with the Natural Resources Conservation Service of Illinois, Ivan earned his Bachelor of Science in Agronomy and Crop Science and Masters in Crop Science from the University of Illinois.

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