Forecasting for Your Farm

We’ve gone through some crazy weather here in the Midwest. Last week, subzero temperatures and a brutal flat-land wind had indexes down to 40 below. This week, a warm front came through to melt all the snow and ice, with temperatures pushing 60. All things considered, we’ve covered a nearly 100-degree temperature swing in just a week!

We’ve seen anything is possible when it comes to the weather. How is it then, that we can possibly know when to bring an umbrella, when we can get away with shorts or if we have to bust out a winter coat? For most of us, we check the forecast…the National Weather Service collects a vast amount of weather data from all across the country and packages it into a nice little weather report. We get a daily forecast of highs, lows, and precipitation without having to look through all models and weather balloon data ourselves. We even get special alerts when the weather is doing something really severe, like dangerous winds or a thunderstorm.

Now imagine if you could have that same kind of intelligence for your farm. You can with AgMRI! IntelinAir is the only company collecting enough data at a high enough resolution to enable consistent pattern recognition to build such a system.

Let AgMRI be your weekly farm forecast, with a full season of flights providing regular updates on emergence, yield risk, changes in crop health, thermal insights, and more. Just like a weather watch or a warning, we’ll even send you notifications when something requires your attention.

Don’t let a lack of insight rain on your parade. Just as you protect your head with an umbrella, protect your farm with AgMRI!

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