Using AGMRI for Seed Selection

Agrinews recently published an article by Mycogen Seeds Agronomist Melissa Bell discussing how on-farm data can help with seed selection. While there are many variables, Bell advises keeping the following four things in mind when making your decision:

  • Genetics X Environment X Management
  • Collect Accurate Information
  • Analyze Information
  • Work with Someone You Trust


We couldn’t agree more, and understand insights from one season can be used to guide purchases for future growing seasons. Furthermore, data from field conditions can help guide when and where to plant future hybrids for maximum effectiveness. Here’s how AgMRI can help with your seed selection.

Genetics X Environment X Management

While the yield monitor tells you how the season concludes, it doesn’t tell you the full story of the season.  AgMRI pinpoints when and where issues occur in the field, and hybrid trials are no different. Comparing yield maps to the in-season analysis of your fields can help you evaluate the performance of various hybrids, understanding how and why hybrids performed as they did.

Collect Accurate Information

It’s hard to find greater accuracy than 10cm resolution with full-season flights. We analyze several tilesets including NDVI, RGB, and thermal to give you the complete picture of what’s happening across your fields.

Analyze Information

Let AgMRI do this one for you! Don’t worry about spending all of your time sorting through fields looking for the right issues. AgMRI’s analytics engine finds problem fields and the yield risk zones within.

Work With Someone You Trust

Our Sales & Customer Success team works around-the-clock to provide technical insights backed with agronomic knowledge. Contact us today to see how AgMRI can help with your farm decisions.

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