Technology that Empowers Farmers
Part One: Imagine the Perfect Solution for Growers

As we saw in our last installment, agriculture’s profitability crisis means farmers have it tough. Imagine a solution that increases yields and maximizes profits at the same time using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).


The cost of obtaining high-resolution data from the ground, or from the sky, is cheaper than it has ever been. The price of advanced IOT sensors and data-gathering farm equipment has dropped by an order of magnitude, making satellite and aerial imagery accessible to just about everyone. In fact, it has never been easier to amass such detailed information about a farm’s operations.


But having all this “big data” available can also be more curse than benefit if the deluge of unsorted information overwhelms a farmer who isn’t sure what to do with it. What growers need more than anything else is intelligence — information that is prioritized so they know what matters most at the time it matters most.


Imagine a technology that empowers farmers with just-in-time intelligence throughout the entire growing season. What’s the use of having data telling you your field has a disease infestation if you find out about it after the crop is lost and it’s too late to do anything? Imagine having proactive monitoring so you can take appropriate action to save the crop before it’s too late.


What AI can do is prioritize information, filtering out what’s irrelevant so the grower can focus on making the decisions that will matter most for a successful harvest. Computer vision techniques can take imagery from satellites and aerial scouting and automatically identify problems far earlier than a human walking the fields could possibly see from ground level.

The key is that AI doesn’t arm the farmer with data. It arms the farmer with intelligence. That means it conveys only the information needed to make an informed choice, backed up by the AI’s scientific analysis.


That’s what intelligence is all about — empowering the farmer. And it’s a game-changer. As we’ll see in the next installment, there’s no need to imagine this new technology. Intelinair’s AgMRI is the intelligent solution that gives farmers the edge they need to stay ahead of the competition.



About Al:

Al is passionate about leveraging data to solve problems. At IntelinAir, that means feeding a growing population, driving efficiency and improving grower profitability. Before IntelinAir, Al co-founded IconApps, Integrien Corporation, and CreationPoint Systems—all with successful exits, and held leadership roles at LowerMyBills and Minebea.

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