Stress Relief on the Farm

Intelligent farming — Ag’s best stress reliever

The ongoing digital transformation of agriculture makes life easier in the field


Only the greatest of inventions attain “must-have” status because they make life so much easier. Think of the microwave or the coffee maker. The exact gadgets differ for each person, but we all have something we can’t imagine living without. A lot of modern farm machinery clearly falls into the must-have category. Who wants to trade in their harvesters and planters and return to the days of doing everything manually?


The ongoing digital transformation of our industry has created the next “must-have” in the field — intelligent farming. It is agriculture’s greatest stress reliever, in three ways.


The three ways intelligent farming relieves stress

1. For the Grower

First is the most obvious way. Intelligent farming systems use cutting-edge agronomic science, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence to watch over a farm and help the grower make the best and most informed decisions throughout the season. The grower who uses such a system will never have to wonder, “Did I miss something?” after returning from a full day of scouting. All the grower has to do is open a simple phone app, call up imagery of the field in question, and rest easy knowing exactly what needs to be done — and where — the next morning. Instead of doubt and second-guessing, the farmer uses insight to build certainty.

2. For the Plant

Second, we shouldn’t just be thinking of the impact intelligent farming has on the grower. It’s also the greatest stress reliever for plants. A farmer armed with AI-powered insight is going to make better decisions that create optimal growing conditions for each crop. Everything from selecting the right hybrids to keeping weeds, insects, and disease at bay makes it easier on plants that want to thrive, growing tall, healthy — and profitable.

3. For the Planet

Third, intelligent farming is a great stress reliever for the planet. Smart tools that optimize farm operations aren’t just about saving money (of course, they do that, too). They also significantly reduce waste. A smart alert about a weed escape, for example, lets the grower know what’s happening so the affected portion of the field can be sprayed before it’s lost. By optimizing inputs, intelligent farming ensures no more chemicals are used than needed, reducing runoff and the potential for environmental harm. According to recent studies, intelligent farm management can help turn agricultural fields into a giant carbon sink, saving 1.85 gigatons of carbon per year — an amount equal to a stunning 20 percent reduction in fossil fuel use. Instead of being part of the problem, intelligent farming becomes a part of the solution to the challenge of global climate change.


So intelligent farming is stress relief in a broad sense, and that’s why it’s transforming agriculture. The best part? Many of the benefits of intelligent farming are available right now.


Get in on the ground floor of the digital transformation of agriculture


We’re still in the early days of unlocking the full potential of using artificial intelligence, computer vision, and the best agronomic science to build the farms of tomorrow. We have a lot to learn to translate the latest developments in AI into efficiencies that can bring benefits like higher yields and greater profitability to growers. You won’t have to worry about this becoming a case of rogue AI robots replacing human farmers. Quite the opposite, intelligent farming is all about supercharging the skills of growers with tools that provide the timely insight they need to make the best decisions. Smart growers will become even more indispensable than they are today.


Once the digital transformation of agriculture is complete, everyone will be using intelligent farming, and nobody will think about growing the old-fashioned way, without AI-backed insights. But until that happens, growers today enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in early and gain an unfair advantage over their competition with an intelligent growing solution. It’s already a must-have.



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