Secret for Success

Intelligent farming has never been easier

AgMRI’s easy-to-use iPhone app provides the smarts needed for success


What grower or crop advisor wouldn’t want the most powerful intelligent growing solution in their back pocket? With the recent release of AgMRI’s iPhone app, the ability to optimize for greater yields and profit through smarter farming is more convenient than ever.


The new app is beautiful and easy to use, but don’t be fooled. It’s hiding serious smarts, all designed to make growers and crop advisors into superstars in the field. You can easily pinpoint emergence problems from ultra-high resolution images that show row-level details. Scouting reports can be created from anywhere, and the system identifies all the potential early yield killers before they have a chance to become a disaster. And that’s not all.


Say you’ve got 50,000 acres to manage. With a single touch, the app tells you which one acre needs your attention right now. Of course, it’s just as helpful on a small family farm. Regardless of the size of the operation, Smart Alerts will let you instantly know when weed outbreaks have been detected, or when nutrient deficiencies should be addressed.


It’s a solution designed to meet your needs, letting you visualize crop performance, so you’ll be more aware of everything that’s happening in your fields. You’ll have the understanding you need to make better growing decisions. And getting those decisions right is how you boost yields and maximize your return on income.


AgMRI uses the most advanced analytics available


Under the hood, AgMRI is built with next level smarts. It’s a purpose-built artificial intelligence system designed from the ground up to gather and make sense out of all the data on your farm. That includes temperature, humidity, rainfall, soil samples, applications, and much, much more. A key feature is our use of groundbreaking, ultra-high resolution imagery throughout the season — we’re on track this year to document a total of five million acres of farmland.


As we gather this imagery, our system becomes even smarter. We combine AI, deep learning, and computer vision with the latest in agronomic science to give AgMRI the unprecedented insight growers, agronomists, and crop advisors need.


The system can recognize subtle patterns that indicate how well the crop is growing, or if there’s a problem you need to know about. The system’s so smart, it finds issues long before you’d ever be able to notice them with the human eye alone.


Intelligent farming is the secret to success


Intelligent farming is inherently more sustainable. Everyone benefits when farm operations are optimized to get the most out of limited resources, reducing waste, and ensuring the use of inputs is “just right.” It’s good for the environment and individual growers. Optimizing growth puts farmers and crop advisors on the path to success. In this tough economic time, it is more important than ever to improve the safety and profitability of farm operations. Automated crop intelligence helps growers and crop advisors save time and keep track of every action with an intuitive timeline. Better management and planning is just a touch away, along with the best possible yields and higher profits.


Intelligent farming is the future of agriculture, and we’re proud to be able to bring it to you right now. Stay tuned for more, as we’re always working on new features to make it even easier for our customers to reach their goals.



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