RowTracer Identifies Early Emergence Trouble Spots

AgMRI customers will be able to start utilizing RowTracer Analytics, our high-def crop tool that helps growers identify problem areas. With crop emergence throughout the Corn Belt reaching the V3/V4 level, RowTracer is now able assess field health with row-by-row precision. RowTracer includes the following:
  • VEG image layer visually displays the RowTracer analytics.

    • This layer is generated using both NDVI data and a customer pattern program based on previous years’ imagery.

    • The software will look for rows by detecting plants with gaps of bare soil in between them.

    • Once the row is traced, RowTracer will find the strength of emergence by running analysis on the underlying NDVI data.

  • RowTracer Analytics identify areas of little to no emergence, and flags them with a polygon, which can be displayed over any image layer.

  • Smart Alerts will trigger a special notification which will explain why the area was flagged.

Check out the valuable information RowTracer is providing with the handy guide below.

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