Precision Ag: Tried & True vs. Nice & New

Each year, many exciting innovations are introduced with the goal of changing the face of agriculture. While it may be tempting to start the year off with an ‘Out with the Old, In with the New’ mentality, it is essential to find a partner who understands the challenges of agriculture and has a proven record of providing solutions to those challenges.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when listening to all those new technology pitches for an issue near and dear to our heart—aerial imagery.

What’s New?

Aerial imagery is no doubt an important (and for many, essential) part of an operation, and there is no shortage of providers touting imagery as the best thing since sliced bread, but with all of these providers vying to help you save yields, how do you choose? What sets one company apart from the hundreds of others with the same goal?

As more and more data becomes available at better and sharper resolution, we believe the biggest challenge is to provide usable data to the farmer quickly and efficiently, taking the labor out of imagery interpretation and prioritization. AgMRI’s analytics engine, backed by a team of experienced engineers and agronomists working together, pinpoints trouble spots in so you can spend more time solving problems and less time finding them.

What’s True?

Whether you’re wandering the halls of an expo or chatting with neighbors, it can be hard to tell the difference between a good sale and a tall tale. It’s appealing to be an early adopter to make sure you don’t miss the boat on ‘the next big thing’, but how do you make sure your selection lives up to the hype?

While innovation is essential, it’s also important to select a partner with a proven track record. AgMRI’s algorithms have been helping customers make strategic decisions for their operations since 2016. With each passing year of data collection, our technology gets sharper and more accurate, making IntelinAir the industry leader when it comes to confidently locating real issues that can produce significant ROI.

What Crew?

As prevalent as technology is, let’s not forget the human element. Effective technologies come from effective teams, and even the most ground-breaking companies can fail to deliver when it comes to service and leadership acumen.

IntelinAir combines the agronomic insights of a home-grown Midwestern team in Champaign, Illinois, with the technological expertise of silicon valley—the result of which is a dedicated team that not only understands the issues farmers face but also have the experience to can create intelligent solutions to address them.


Whether or not you decide to use AgMRI to increase yields across your operation this year, these are important questions to ask of any potential partner. Make sure the tech companies you buy into are at the cutting edge, but with a solid foundation to help them stay there.


We’re looking forward to making 2019 a very happy new year for all of our partners, old and new!





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