Making Yourself a Retail Hero

Who doesn’t want to be the one who saves the day? Through their advisors, agricultural retailers are often the bearer of bad news for customers. So many of the factors involved in growing are beyond our control. When yields are down, it’s the weather. When profits are down, it’s the trade war. And so on.


What if, instead of excuses, the crop advisor showed customers how to optimize operations so they outperform the competition, regardless of circumstances? The advisor with the right answers is going to become the go-to source for growers who want the best return on income.


This is exactly the reputation retailers need, and it’s made possible with artificial intelligence tools that put all the available information about each customer’s field on a dashboard with a simple and intuitive interface. Having the right information is the critical ingredient in enhancing advisors’ ability to give the right advice.


Profits are tight in the agricultural industry, and like everyone else, advisors are often overworked. What AI can do is make the most of their limited time. In a previous installment, we discussed the way augmented intelligence assists growers by giving them up-to-the-minute information on the performance of their fields, all season long.


This is even more useful at the retail level where advisors have to juggle not just one grower’s fields, but fields spanning tens of thousands of acres — or more. No one person could ever keep up with all that data, and advisors can only devote a slice of their attention to each client. They’re going to miss subtle signs of trouble, which means they are missing opportunities to be the hero by preventing disasters and maximizing yields.


Augmented intelligence is all about using machines that bring out the best in humans. No one person can devote 24/7 attention to every client, but a computer never tires. It can look for signs of trouble in all clients simultaneously. It can provide alerts to bring attention to issues early, while they can still be resolved and the advisor can help the affected customers remedy the situation. The advisor becomes the problem solver — the hero who will have clients come back for more.


Want to become a retail hero? Take a look at IntelinAir. We’ll take a closer look in our next installment at what our product, AgMRI, can do for retailers.


About Al:

Al is passionate about leveraging data to solve problems. At IntelinAir, that means feeding a growing population, driving efficiency and improving grower profitability. Before IntelinAir, Al co-founded IconApps, Integrien Corporation, and CreationPoint Systems—all with successful exits, and held leadership roles at LowerMyBills and Minebea.

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