Make Proactive Decisions with AgMRI

Mid-season, growers receive weekly insights from AgMRI, giving them the information they need to protect yield. Here’s an example where one of our growers used AgMRI to make a proactive decision in twelve hours—without stepping foot into the field. 

Row Tracer Alerts to Emergence Issues

AgMRI alerted to low crop health, and as the grower started digging into it, he noticed streaks running at an angle throughout the field which indicates an issue is manmade and often correctable. He reviewed his as-applied maps and realized he applied his ammonia at an angle consistent with the underperforming crops. 

Angled tracks compared to straight N-S planting.

Identifying Nutrient Deficiency

The yellowing corn throughout the field shows a nutrient deficiency. If you zoom in, you can see in healthier areas you can’t see through the canopy versus lagging areas where you have stunted crop. While you may be able to see emergence issues in RGB, switching to the Veg Row lens makes them pop. AgMRI’s Row Tracer will proactively alert you to emergence issues in your field. 

Veg Row showing nutrient deficient areas in the field.

In this field, the grower applied anhydrous from the west to the east, and as he went across the field moisture caused the knives to seal which led to a nutrient deficiency on the east end of the field. 

Rescue Application

The grower ordered a Y-drop application within 12 hours of receiving the alert. AgMRI also helped him quantify the issue so he could address only the deficient areas that needed more nutrients.

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by Conner Schmidt, Account Manager

Growing up on a family farm that produced both livestock and corn and soy, Conner learned from a young age the hard work farmers put into their livelihoods. He works with customers in the field to help them make the most of their AgMRI analytics. 

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