Become a Superstar Grower
Part One: What is Intelligent Augmentation?

Think about what it takes to become a superstar grower. You need the experience to make the right decisions in a constantly changing situation—and above all, you need luck.


Now, what if you could increase yields—and profits—without leaving anything to chance? What if you had a device that tells you everything you need to know to make the best choices based on solid information?


A computer system can make you a better grower using intelligent augmentation, which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to turn an average, good, or even great grower into a superstar.


Intelligent augmentation is built upon the premise that computers are good at some tasks, while humans are better at others. The magic happens when you combine the best attributes of both to achieve more than you could by letting a device do everything, or letting the farmer do it all.


Computers are emotionless devices that can tirelessly crunch numbers 24/7 with perfect accuracy, never forgetting any data. While they might seem impossibly brilliant, there’s more to getting a job done than being good at math. As The Verge recently noted, simple combinations like placing a hammer on a bed can confuse computer vision algorithms. Computers aren’t perfect.


That’s where humans become essential. We instantly recognize situations that might stump an algorithm. Because computers are far from perfect, human judgment turns out to be a critical ingredient in long-term success. But no human can work 24/7, and we quickly become overwhelmed when keeping track of hundreds or thousands of sources of data.


Augmented intelligence makes the most of the situation by using statistics to evaluate data as it comes in, prioritizing the issues most in need of human attention. Computers can process mounds of historical data, informed by the best scientific analysis, and present it in such a way the human is fully aware of what’s happening. That helps the end user decide what to do, not with a guess or a hunch, but with solid information.


This is what every grower needs. Augmented intelligence solutions can process everything from imagery all-season long to historical growing data and up-to-the-minute information from remote sensors and equipment. Through pattern recognition and deep learning algorithms, such a system can spot potential problems and provide immediate alerts when the grower’s urgent attention is required. Wrapping the analysis in an intuitive, visual interface, gives the grower the situational awareness needed to grasp what’s happening and act decisively.


The result is that problems are spotted and addressed long before they would have been noticed using more conventional means. Yields increase, and profits grow.


That’s the basic premise behind intelligent augmentation. Our next installment will take a closer look at how IntelinAir’s AgMRI uses intelligent augmentation to make you a superstar grower.



About Al:

Al is passionate about leveraging data to solve problems. At IntelinAir, that means feeding a growing population, driving efficiency and improving grower profitability. Before IntelinAir, Al co-founded IconApps, Integrien Corporation, and CreationPoint Systems—all with successful exits, and held leadership roles at LowerMyBills and Minebea.

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