Intelinair Welcomes Tech and Ag Insiders to Board, Advisory Team

Mark Holdsworth and Peter Lacey Join Board of Directors

SAN JOSE, Calif. (October 5, 2016)—Intelinair today announced it has appointed two members to its board of directors—Mark Holdsworth, Operating Partner and Co-Founder of Tennenbaum Capital Partners, and Peter Lacey, Founder and Chairman of Cervus Equipment Corporation. The company also announced the addition of agronomy and robotics experts to its advisory team.

Intelinair is an aerial imagery analytics company whose AgMRI™ solution provides farmers with a comprehensive “field health” analysis of their farms by combining high resolution aerial imagery analytics, advanced agronomic sciences, and proprietary algorithms derived from traditional computer vision and deep learning methods.

“The technology is center stage at Intelinair, making it critical that we leverage the expertise and insights of industry veterans to ensure our solutions fit the needs of today’s farmers and ag professionals. It’s to our tremendous advantage that we are able to get advice from Mark and Peter, who are experienced business leaders in their respective industries,” said Al Eisaian, CEO and Co-Founder of Intelinair. “Mark is highly regarded in the technology sector, and Peter has built one of the largest John Deere dealerships in the world. I could not be more thrilled with the energy and vision Mark and Peter bring to Intelinair to guide us through funding and launch.”

Mark Holdsworth is Operating Partner and Co-Founder of Tennenbaum Capital Partners, LLC (TCP), a Los Angeles-based private investment firm with approximately $6.5 billion of capital under management. He has extensive experience investing in the equity or debt of companies in transition in a variety of industries, and has been heavily involved in managing the firm’s fundraising activities. Holdsworth is also an active private investor in equities, real estate and venture capital through his family office, Holdsworth & Co., LLC.

“Al is a proven entrepreneur with an excellent track record of success who has assembled an all-star cast to pursue the precision agriculture market. I am truly excited to be part of it,” Holdsworth said.

Peter Lacey is the Founder and Chairman of Cervus Equipment Corporation (TSX:CVL), a Canadian public company with 2015 sales exceeding $1.1 billion. Cervus is comprised of 72 ag and construction equipment dealerships across Canada, Australia and New Zealand, representing the major brands of John Deere agricultural equipment, Peterbilt Truck dealerships, Bobcat, and JCB construction.

“Today’s farmer has too much information and too few solutions. Intelinair is combining real-time imagery, artificial intelligence and crop-specific algorithms for timely and specific recommendations, and that will be a critical aspect of the success of tomorrow’s ag producer,” Lacey said. “I’m excited to be part of the future of agriculture.”

In addition to the board appointments, Intelinair also is introducing its advisory team that includes robotics expert Dr. Paolo Pirjanian and acclaimed agronomist Dr. Harold Reetz.

Dr. Pirjanian is the Founder and CEO of Embodied, Inc., a robotics company based in Pasadena, Calif., that is developing intelligent, interactive robots that provide individualized care. His previous company, Evolution Robotics, developed advanced vision and navigation technologies for consumer robotics products and was acquired by iRobot in 2012. He served as Executive VP and Chief Technology Officer of iRobot for three years, launching the next generation of smart, vision-based and cloud-connected products.

“The application of robotics and other advanced computer technologies to every aspect of life, agriculture included, is no longer futuristic—it’s happening now,” Pirjanian said. “I’m excited to work with Intelinair to bring this automation deeper into the agriculture industry and improve the business of farming and the sustainability of farming practices.”

Dr. Reetz is an acclaimed agronomy expert and founder of Reetz Agronomics, LLC, and is widely known in the agriculture community as a key influencer on agronomy issues, especially precision agriculture. He led Midwest research and education programs for the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) for 29 years and provided global support for the application of high yield crop production systems, nutrient management, and precision farming technology. He also served IPNI as President of the Foundation for Agronomic Research.

“Intelinair is bringing to market a highly effective solution that farmers and their advisors can use to make better-informed decisions about crop and soil management,” Reetz said. “Never before have farmers been able to observe in as much detail what is happening in every part of every field they are managing. It is exciting to explore the possibilities to use this technology to produce higher yields while conserving resources and reducing agriculture’s environmental footprint.”

“In forming an advisory team for Intelinair, we knew nothing less than world class would suffice,” Eisaian said. “The collective expertise held by these highly talented and seasoned professionals is what Intelinair needed to build the most comprehensive aerial imagery analytics solution for farmers and the ag industry as a whole. I am confident this team has what it takes to ensure our offering is the right fit for the market, and I am grateful for their contributions.”

About Intelinair
Intelinair, Inc., is an aerial imagery analytics company focused on agriculture that delivers actionable intelligence to help farmers make data-driven decisions to improve operational efficiency, yields, and ultimately their profitability. Intelinair combines the power of aerial imagery analytics through traditional computer vision and modern deep learning methodologies, agronomic science and user-friendly interface (mobile) technologies to deliver near real-time decision support to farmers. The company’s flagship solution AgMRI™ is a field health monitoring and early-warning system that enables farmers to manage their operations proactively and with confidence. The company, founded in 2015, has dual headquarters in San Jose, Calif., and Champaign, Ill.


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