Press Release – IntelinAir to Provide High-Resolution Aerial Imagery to the Climate FieldView™ Digital Ag Platform for Advanced Crop Analysis and Alerting

CHAMPAIGN, IL (April 23, 2019) —Intelinair, Inc., the automated crop intelligence company, today announces an expanded platform partnership agreement with The Climate Corporation (Climate), a subsidiary of Bayer, to deliver mutual farmer customers two-way data connectivity between The Climate Corporation’s Climate FieldView™ digital agriculture platform and Intelinair’s AgMRI® crop intelligence system. Through this partnership, high-resolution aerial imagery data and problem alerts from AgMRI will seamlessly flow into a farmer’s Climate FieldView account.
“Through this partnership, we can provide farmers with more intelligence around in-season crop performance and problem-areas in their fields than ever before,” said Al Eisaian, CEO of Intelinair. “Climate FieldView is the industry leader when it comes to digital agriculture, and we are very excited to work together to help farmers improve their yields and profitability.”
Intelinair AgMRI uses airplanes to capture high-resolution imagery over a farmer’s fields multiple times from the early season through harvest. AgMRI then automatically analyzes the images to generate alerts for specific problems such as emergence issues, weed outbreaks, insect/disease pressure, nutrient deficiencies, and more. Farmers can then use FieldView to access and visualize all of their data in one place alongside other field data layers, so as to experience deeper analysis of how their crops are performing in-season, and take action early to protect yield.
“We are thrilled to partner with Intelinair and incorporate their innovative image analytics and smart alerts for our shared farmer customers,” said Mark Young, CTO of The Climate Corporation. “By combining our advanced digital technologies, farmers can experience a deeper analysis of how their crops are performing in-season, can identify potential yield-limiting factors and take action early to protect yield, through one, connected platform.”
To onboard, farmers can sign-up with AgMRI and authorize access to their Climate FieldView account. From that point on, Intelinair and Climate will do the rest. During the busiest times of the season, farmers can trust that they’ll get directed to the exact field areas where problems may exist. Farmers can then combine AgMRI directed insights alongside other important field data layers in the FieldView platform to get a new level of visibility into field performance. For more information, visit
About Intelinair, Inc.
Intelinair, Inc., is leading efforts to bring cutting-edge artificial intelligence and world-class machine learning to agriculture to enhance farming practices and increase productivity, profitability and farming efficiency. The company’s flagship crop intelligence system, AgMRI®, is revolutionizing the way farmers and their trusted advisors manage their acres to the row by delivering measurable, reliable crop intelligence. AgMRI provides near-real-time field conditions via an intuitive app by combining modern agronomy, ultra-high-resolution imagery, proprietary computer vision technology, and best-in-class machine learning. With AgMRI, Intelinair is giving farmers the peace-of-mind to know how their crops are developing across entire farms throughout the growing season so they can confidently make prioritized, proactive management decisions via smart alerts or crop progress trend analysis. For more information go to

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