IntelinAir seeks top talent in Illinois and Indiana

IntelinAir is hiring to fill a number of full- and part-time positions in western Indiana in a ten-county region surrounding Lafayette and Central Illinois in the Champaign / Springfield areas. These positions will be filled over the next several weeks, despite the disruptions caused throughout the economy by the COVID-19 pandemic.


“Americans are counting on growers to keep the country fed in this time of crisis,” IntelinAir co-founder and CEO Al Eisaian said. “So we’re looking for top talent to join our team to help farmers get the most from each harvest. We’re extremely fortunate to be able to offer these opportunities at a time when so many have been devastated by layoffs. Many have even seen standing job offers rescinded. We want to bring as many on board as we can.”


IntelinAir is an analytics company that delivers crop intelligence to farmers through aerial imagery, computer vision, machine learning, agronomic science, and intelligent user interfaces. IntelinAir’s goal is to organize and digitize the world’s crop information and performance – making it universally accessible and useful to deliver high yields, greater efficiencies, and sustainable farming to feed the human race.


IntelinAir is looking to fill three types of position requiring increasing levels of experience:


  • Paid intern, leading to consideration for a full-time role. This position seeks an eager student currently completing bachelor’s coursework (likely now conducted online). The successful candidate should have an interest in agriculture and would be paid on an hourly basis through graduation.
  • Account manager. This position works directly with growers to ensure customer success and contributes to the growth of the company by generating and nurturing leads. The successful candidate will have a bachelor’s degree with some background, which could include upbringing, in agriculture. The position, which requires travel within the region as allowed by authorities, comes with a full-time salary, plus commission.
  • Agronomist. This position works with customers to gather feedback and ground-truths alerts, serving as a liaison between the field and the engineering team. This full-time, salaried position requires a background in agronomy, including a bachelor’s degree and preferably five years’ work experience.


To be considered, exceptional individuals should send a resume and cover letter explaining the value they would add by joining our team to


IntelinAir has a long history of partnering with universities and colleges in the communities we serve to bring in top talent from ag, business, engineering, and computer science backgrounds.


About IntelinAir:

IntelinAir is a full-season and full-spectrum crop intelligence company focused on agriculture that delivers actionable intelligence to help farmers make data-driven decisions to improve operational efficiency, yields, and ultimately their profitability. IntelinAir combines the power of aerial imagery analytics through computer vision and deep learning methodologies, agronomic science, and user-friendly interface (mobile) technologies to deliver near real-time decision support to farmers. The company’s flagship solution AgMRI™ is a field health monitoring and early-warning system that enables farmers to manage their operations proactively and with confidence.


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