IntelinAir Launches AgMRI 3.0 for 2020 Season

CHAMPAIGN, IL—(Dec. 12, 2019)—IntelinAir, Inc. announces the launch of AgMRI® 3.0, delivering crop intelligence through advanced analytics and new user features to help growers and their crop advisors make better management decisions throughout the growing season. AgMRI 3.0 upgrades for this season include Ask SIRI capability, full-season time-lapse imaging, planting scores, enhanced emergence mapping, and full data shareability between growers and crop consultants.


The AgMRI crop intelligence platform leverages high-resolution aerial imagery taken at frequent points throughout the season, combined with temperature readings, humidity measurements, rainfall, soil samples, terrain type, planting rates, applications and other parameters. Data is continuously aggregated, using machine learning technologies to deliver a real-time picture of crop development throughout the season. Smart Alerts sent to the laptop, desktop or mobile device provide early warnings of troublesome situations, often before they are visible to the human eye.


“The new AgMRI 3.0 updates, combined with the highest resolution imagery in the industry, make our crop intelligence platform the leading grower-centric tool on the market,” says Josh Thornsbrough, IntelinAir vice-president, sales and marketing.


AgMRI 3.0 upgrades for the 2020 season include:


  • Ask SIRI Capability. With Ask SIRI voice activation, growers can get quick answers and access to alerts and top trends through voice commands.
  • Full Season Playback. AgMRI gives growers a full understanding of season-long field trends through time-lapse image capability. Getting a full view of field conditions throughout the season leads to better decision making to improve yield and profitability.
  • My Planting Score. Introduced just in time for the 2020 planting season, AgMRI 3.0 upgrades include planting scores, allowing growers to compare their planting success with trends across their state or county.
  • Enhanced Emergence Mapping. Another early-season management tool alerts growers and crop advisers to reduced crop emergence, guiding replant decisions. Color-coding pinpoints areas of concern before they are readily visible through on-the-ground scouting, allowing for more timely replant decisions.
  • Compare View. This feature allows side-by-side comparisons of field images throughout the season, tracking crop conditions to inform better management decisions that lead to greater productivity. With the new Compare View feature, growers and their crop advisers can look at the same field with a split-screen view to see field changes over time. For example, a grower can see weed problems in the field both before and after herbicide application and determine if the application was successful.
  • Partner Collaborate. AgMRI 3.0 updates enhance the platform as a collaboration tool, allowing growers, agronomists, crop consultants and other partners to closely align on growing decisions. AgMRI makes on-the-ground crop scouting more effective by identifying specific areas of concern, whether it’s nitrogen deficiency, lodging, weed pressure or some other issue. After in-field scouting, the user can upload photos for more precise diagnoses.
  • Water Optimization. For growers with irrigated fields, this feature tracks plant moisture needs for more efficient water use.
  • Crop Drydown Mapping. Tracking crop maturity in real-time allows farmers to optimize harvest planning and equipment use.


AgMRI 3.0 continues to offer grower-proven features including Row Tracer, monitoring emergence; Yield Risk, identifying new and emerging field problems; Trend Zone, tracking crop condition trends; and Heat Seeker, monitoring soil and crop moisture. All these features integrate field maps with powerful analytics to drive better and more timely decision-making on the farm.


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