How are you monitoring your entire operation?

Every decision you make on your farm can have huge implications. How do you confidently know you’re making the most impactful ones?


That’s where AgMRI® comes in. Over the past year, we monitored many farms, flying 1.8 million acres in 2017, and we’d love to show you how AgMRI® can help you this coming season.


With 13 flights over your fields throughout the season, we’re your eye in the sky, helping you detect emergence issues, early-season weeds, nutrient deficiencies, insect infestations, weather damage, and more, helping you make data-driven decisions.


Learn how AgMRI® can help you by contacting us at 833-My-AgMRI or at

AgMRI® vs. Satellite Imagery

Top: AgMRI’s high resolution field analysis with anomalies detected. Bottom: Same field using satellite imagery.

Resolution matters! With AgMRI’s industry-leading 10 cm (4″) per pixel resolution, you’re able to clearly view your rows or plants, allowing for targeted scouting and confident decision making. Satellite suffers from low resolution at 50 cm (22″) per pixel resolution, providing less value for pinpoint scouting.


AgMRI® at Work

Take a look at some issues AgMRI® helped users detect in 2017:

Alert to Nutrient Deficiencies

AgMRI’s sophisticated automated analysis will help you pinpoint areas of nutrient deficiency and also identify sections of your fields where nitrogen might not have been optimally applied. Since all this happens virtually in real-time, you will be able to protect your yield by addressing these issues as soon as they appear.

Alert to Japanese Beetles in Soybean

Insects often begin their attack at the edges of the fields before going on to create more extensive damage. AgMRI can help you locate areas of infestation early, intercepting numerous pest species before they progress further into your fields.

Alert to Root Lodging/Green Snap

Areas of root lodging and green snap can be detected using AgMRI’s anomolies outlined in the polygons above. In this example, the areas outside of the red polygons have no concerns, with corn in good condition. The areas inside the red polygons contained root lodging and green snap.

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AgMRI® is Ready to Help

Let AgMRI® serve as your data partner in 2018 to help support your decisions throughout the season. Contact us to learn how AgMRI® can start providing you data before the first seed is even in the ground.


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