IntelinAir and TerrAvion Partner to Empower Farmers with Mission-Critical Actionable Intelligence

IntelinAir, the industry-leading aerial imagery analytics company, has partnered with TerrAvion, the largest volume provider of aerial imagery to agriculture, to deliver a best in class imagery solution to joint customers in 2018. IntelinAir delivers mission-critical full-season actionable intelligence to help farmers make data-driven decisions to improve operational efficiency, yields, and ultimately their profitability. TerrAvion supplies the ultra-high-resolution (4 inches / 10 centimeters per pixel) aerial data to fuel IntelinAir’s powerful analytics engine.  


IntelinAir’s ag-intelligence platform, AgMRI®, is built around the premise that growers should spend less time finding issues and more time making strategic decisions. AgMRI alerts growers when problems arise (emergence issues, weeds, insect infestations, nutritional deficiencies, and disease pressure). AgMRI can also help with harvesting decisions, showing growers which sections of their fields are ready for harvest based on their proprietary thermal imaging analytics. IntelinAir also offers a deep integration with the MyJohnDeere Operations Center, allowing farmers to take action on the insights AgMRI provides. In the near future, AgMRI will also be fully-integrated with Bayer’s Climate platform. Other integrations are also in the works.


TerrAvion is the largest provider of aerial imagery services to agriculture. Aerial imagery allows growers to see what is going on when they make management decisions, and analytics deepen the insights to drive profit on the farm. TerrAvion provides the highest quality, lowest cost aerial imagery available anywhere, priding itself on its operational excellence and industry-leading reliability.  


“IntelinAir has assembled the most impressive computer vision, machine learning, agronomy, and big data analytics teams laser-focused on delivering highly actionable insights to growers, agronomists and the rest of the ag ecosystem. We are excited to partner with IntelinAir to deliver scalable ultra-high-resolution imagery data at 10cm this year and sub-centimeter resolutions in 2019 and beyond as the fuel for IntelinAir’s intelligence engine. The combination of TerrAvion data with IntelinAir insights represents a best in class solution for agriculture,” said TerrAvion CEO Robert Morris.


Al Eisaian, CEO of IntelinAir said, “In 2017 IntelinAir gathered UHR imagery data from 1.7 million unique acres of farmland 10 times. This vast data repository allowed us to industrialize and stress-test our algorithms. Our strategic partnership with TerrAvion gives us the opportunity to provide insights and solutions at scale in more geographies than ever before. We are working with TerrAvion across the US corn belt and soon internationally in Canada and Brazil. We look forward to leveraging TerrAvion’s large scale and industry-best delivery record to fuel our growth.”


As the link from data (imagery, soil, inputs, machinery) to mission-critical decisions at the field level becomes more and more important to farm optimization and grower profitability, this strategic collaboration delivers:

  • Data-driven, timely decision-support
  • Full-season visibility and actionability from the air and the ground
  • Early problem detection and identification
  • Timely and optimized response, input optimization and yield improvements