Intelinair Analyzed 50 TB of Data in a Year

By Margy Eckelkamp – Farm Journal’s AgPro


In the last year, Intelinair’s AgMRI engine has analyzed over 50 TB of imagery representing millions of acres of corn and soybean fields in Illinois and Iowa. The platform automatically alerts growers to issues impacting yields and input decisions.


AgMRI is being called the world’s largest-scale analytics engine for high-resolution aerial imagery of agricultural fields.


“We’re excited to give farmers an early-warning system and actionable insights,” says Al Eisaian,
Co-founder and CEO of Intelinair. “No one wants to be swamped with data, so our partners appreciate that Intelinair’s expert scientists have created an automated system for processing millions of images to find specific, actionable problems that growers can address quickly and efficiently during the growing season.”


Intelinair uses manned airplane flights to capture imagery at a resolution of centimeters per pixel. The imagery uses visible, near infrared and thermal cameras.


The system then uses sophisticated computer vision and machine learning algorithms to detect abnormalities like weeds, uneven emergence, nutrient deficiencies, disease/insect infestations, water damage, equipment problems and more so that farmers can address issues quickly and understand the impact on yield.


Alerts are delivered in an easy-to-use format via a tablet or PC so farmers can make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency, yields and profitability for their operations.


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