Intelinair Adds AGMRI Features Mid-Season

Indianapolis – August 4, 2022 – Intelinair, makers of AGMRI, announced today the addition of features customers can put into use this season, as well as future seasons. The features include a beta version of the new Precision Zoning Tool and additional functionality to the Yield Estimate Scouting Tool. These features are meant to add management options for AGMRI users.


“The Precision Zoning Tool allows AGMRI users to custom draw their zones the way they want to and manage accordingly,” says Kevin Krieg, director of product marketing. “With our integrations with existing field equipment through John Deere Operations Center, this provides farmers the ability to take insights from our system and make variable rate applications as they go.”

An example set of field zones, based on NDVI analytics.


The enhanced Yield Estimate Scouting Tool from AGMRI provides two options for users wanting to estimate yield, an AGMRI-guided and a self-guided selection.

The Yield Estimate Scouting Tool in action.


“For the AGMRI-guided option, users will be given three representative areas of the field to scout,” says Krieg. “Once they scout those areas, they input values into the app’s calculator, and it will provide a yield estimate for that field.”


Krieg says the self-guided option works similarly, only the users select their own zones and go through the same process when scouting the fields.


“We want our apps to work the way our customers manage their farms. Recognizing that everyone farms a little different, these updates allow some flexibility in adjusting for management differences,” says Krieg. “Just like our core customers, our work never really ends. We build upon what we have and continue to fine-tune.”


Farmers or retailers interested in signing up for AGMRI should visit to find out about the additional features found within the application and contact the sales team for more information.


Download a pdf of the release.





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