How Seedsmen Can Use AgMRI

AgMRI’s crop intelligence helps seedsmen and other retail partners bring value to their customers and stay ahead of issues. Check out three issues in this field that allowed the seedsman to have meaningful conversations with his grower.


  1. Split Hybrid Emergence. AgMRI’s Row Tracer layer evaluates emergence row-by-row, and the ultra-high resolution imagery helps paint the full picture of what may be inhibiting emergence. In this case, one of the hybrids struggled to emerge under wet conditions.
  2. Nutrient vs. Seed. Mid-season, a nitrogen deficiency due to an applicator error became evident. A week later, high winds downed corn across the field, especially in the nutrient-deficient areas. Without frequent flights and timely alerts, this could have been mistaken for a hybrid issue.
  3. Harvest Timing. Late in the season, AgMRI alerted to uneven drydown, which prompted the grower to harvest this field sooner to capture yield that may otherwise have been lost.


With AgMRI’s frequent, season-long flights, there is no shortage of insights to help seedsmen create meaningful interactions and build relationships for years to come.



How does it work?

As a seed dealer, you have many customers, each with multiple fields, so how do you keep tabs on all of them? Account Manager Conner Schmidt shares how AgMRI can be particularly useful to seed dealers to gain a competitive edge.


AgMRI analyzes all the fields in your territory to provide just the relevant information through our badges—Weed Watch, Row Tracer, Heat Seeker, Yield Risk, and Trend Zones—and Smart Alerts that direct you to the most pressing issues.


Add Value with AgMRI

AgMRI helps seed dealers provide value outside the products they’re selling to deepen relationships. For example, this thermal imagery captured insights on the drainage of a field, wherein some of the tile lines were broken. The seed dealer was able to share this with the customer, including the number of affected acres. Because we fly all season, the customer and the seed dealer were able to keep an eye on these areas from planting to harvest, and the grower has quantifiable information to drive a decision on addressing the tile issues.



AgMRI. Helping Farmers Prosper.



by Conner Schmidt, Account Manager

Growing up on a family farm that produced livestock, corn, and soy, Conner learned from a young age the hard work farmers put into their livelihoods. He works with customers in the field to help them make the most of their AgMRI analytics.

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