Hassinger Talks AgTech and Intelinair Future with AgriNovus

Indianapolis is becoming a central hub for AgTech and Intelinair is a spoke worth following. Tim Hassinger, recently named CEO for Intelinair, sat down with AgriNovus Indiana CEO Mitch Frazier to talk about Intelinair, his own background and how he sees AgTech evolving in the next decade.

Intelinair brings a clear solution to a known problem for both farmers and retailers with its real-time monitoring and actionable insights. Hassinger explains how Intelinair works, what he’s seeing in VC interest in AgTech and how his team is continuing to expand its footprint.

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About IntelinAir, Inc.

IntelinAir, Inc., is an automated crop intelligence company that leverages AI and machine learning to model crop performance and identify problems enabling farmers to make improved decisions. The company’s flagship product, AGMRI aggregates and analyzes data including high resolution aerial, satellite, and drone imagery, equipment, weather, scouting, and more to deliver actionable Smart Alerts on specific problems in areas of fields as push notifications to farmers’ smartphones. The proactive alerts on operational issues allow farmers to intervene, rescue yield, capture learnings for the next session, and identify conservation opportunities for sustainable farming. Annually Intelinair analyzes millions of acres of farmland, helping growers make thousands of decisions for improved operations and profitability. For more information, follow Intelinair on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and visit www.agmri.com.

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