Forecasting Your Fields

Visit a small town on any given morning, and you’ll overhear chatter about the weather. When the weather is exciting and severe, we’re alerted to it through warnings and sirens. Even when the stakes aren’t as high, those of us in ag are still glued to the forecast—monitoring the forecast temperature and rainfall.


Imagine watching your fields like you watch the forecast. What if you received intel about changing conditions across your operation with alerts to the most pressing issues?


Forecasting your Fields

An AgMRI Smart Alert shows an emergence issue.


Twice a day, your local National Weather Service outpost launches a weather balloon carrying a sensor to measure conditions and transmit data back to base. This data is critical for managing a farming operation, but most don’t look at the raw data; they want to know if it is going to rain or not.


Weather outlets analyze the data to give you only the information you need. To be scalable and useful, aerial imagery providers need to do the same—to tell growers exactly where the problems are and help them quantify the issue. Providing this critical intelligence is Intelinair’s goal through our Smart Alerts, which key you into critical issues demanding your attention.


Double the Forecast

Stop by any small town in the near future, and you may hear farmers talking about their fields like they talk about the forecast. The data has always been there, but solutions like AgMRI make it usable and accessible to the farmers who need it. Start monitoring your fields today, and be prepared to weather the storm!


Did you know AgMRI includes a weather widget? While you are virtually scouting your fields, weather insights are just a tap away!


AgMRI. Helping Farmers Prosper.



by Ivan “Alex” Dozier, MS, Agronomist

Ivan is a self-identified weather geek who minored in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Illinois under Eric Snodgrass. He is also an amateur storm-chaser and trained weather spotter for the National Weather Service.

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