Al Eisaian joins Louisa Burwood-Taylor on the Future Food podcast

IntelinAir CEO and Co-Founder Al Eisaian joins Louisa Burwood-Taylor on the Future Food podcast to discuss how technologies like AgMRI will help farmers increase sustainability. A lifelong environmentalist, Al became particularly interested in helping solve chronic hunger after seeing a study indicating 800 million people in the world suffer from malnutrition or hunger.


Listen now to see how Al translated that passion into IntelinAir, and our flagship product AgMRI, to give farmers measurable, reliable intelligence.


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More about Al:

I care deeply about improving global agriculture, solving the world’s food crisis, and encouraging sustainability. Using science and technology to serve humanity drives me. By combining high-resolution aerial imagery, advance computer vision technologies, and modern artificial intelligence (AI), IntelinAir helps to transform global agriculture. We help growers increase yields, increase profits, and increase environmental sustainability.

It is estimated that by 2030, world population will grow to nearly 8.7 billion, which means global agriculture must produce roughly 50% more food even as the number of acres available for farming shrinks. We will have a lot of challenges feeding all these people. I believe IntelinAir’s cutting-edge science and technology can help.

At IntelinAir, I lead an amazing team of dedicated agronomists, computer vision scientists, big-data engineers, and artificial intelligence specialists to bring innovative solutions to agriculture’s most acute problems.

Persistent problems such as weed infestation, water damage, equipment problems, weather-related challenges, and insect and disease pressures are all addressed by the better visibility and measurability that IntelinAir’s AGMRI technology provides.

Throughout my career, work has always been as much about doing good as it has been about financial success. I have found that operating with an emphasis on “what’s in it for me” as the central idea is bankrupt. I have been and I still am a committed servant leader. There are five words that define my mode of operating: caring, commitment, competency, creativity, and community. I truly believe to whom much is given, much is expected, and that is how I operate as a business person and as a human being. I spend a lot of time mentoring and supporting young entrepreneurs, empowering women entrepreneurs, and working to reduce poverty in the world.

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