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Digital technology is getting bigger and better, faster and faster. AGMRI is among the top digital agriculture programs available and it’s well on its way to becoming the industry leader for all things ag. Some might view our platform as a tool designed only for the grower’s benefit, but in reality, AGMRI has just as much use for a retailer or salesman. In fact, it just might bring in even more business to any kind of salesman once a customer sees what AGMRI can do.


After getting to the office, a salesman was checking in on his customer’s fields via AGMRI and went straight to the RBG map (which stands for red-green-blue and is basically a “birds-eye view” of a field) to see if there were any bare or washed out spots in his crop. Fortunately, he didn’t find those, but he did notice a strange triangular shape towards the corner of the field. A new feature for 2020 was the nutrient deficiency alert which picks up on areas of a field that appear lower in health, discolored, etc. This alert showed the salesman a pattern that was clearly man-made and pointed him to his answer: there was an error during a custom application on this field.

Upon noticing this, he sent it to his customer to seek further information. Luckily for the salesman, but not so lucky for the customer, it was a competitor’s mistake that made this scenario a bit sweeter for the salesman. By using the power of AGMRI, this salesman locked in more business from a current customer and also established another layer of trust. This kind of rapport between salesman and grower is just another way AGMRI can be of use for a retailer, grower, or independent salesman.


When so many things are out of control, AgMRI helps put some power back into the hands of the farmer.



About IntelinAir:

IntelinAir is a full-season and full-spectrum crop intelligence company focused on agriculture that delivers actionable intelligence to help farmers make data-driven decisions to improve operational efficiency, yields, and ultimately their profitability. IntelinAir combines the power of aerial imagery analytics through computer vision and deep learning methodologies, agronomic science, and user-friendly interface (mobile) technologies to deliver near real-time decision support to farmers. The company’s flagship solution AgMRI™ is a field health monitoring and early-warning system that enables farmers to manage their operations proactively and with confidence.


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Learn more about how you can use AgMRI in your operation at intelinair.com or contact us at customersuccess@intelinair.com.

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