Early Emergence and Replant

With planting well underway, the next thing to be on the lookout for during early emergence is your stand count and possible replant areas. Replant can be a real problem during rainy springs and can affect how your final yield will turn out.
AgMRI can show you not only the thriving areas in your field but also alert you to spots that need help before it’s too late, highlighting stand counts and potential replant areas.
One example from this season is from a grower who integrated his Climate Fieldview account with AgMRI, making our app a one-stop shop for his operation. With his planting rate visible on our mapping layer, he can see the field in great detail. The field’s greener areas indicate a higher number of seeds planted, while the darker areas have fewer seeds planted.
Early in the season, AgMRI produces an emergence map with scores based on the “as planted” map for growers who integrate with the MyJohnDeere Operations Center or Climate FieldView or a percentage emerged estimate if an “as planted” map is unavailable. Reviewing the emergence map in AgMRI prompted a scouting trip, where the grower found bare spots due to residue and a late frost. After scouting the field and quantifying the extent of the issue and consulting with his salesmean, this grower made a replant decision.
On a later flight in June, the grower saw how well his replant spots had filled in. Thanks to what AgMRI is capable of showing and producing for our customers, this grower was able to tackle a problem that might have dramatically affected his RoI almost instantly.
When so many things are out of control, AgMRI helps put power back into the hands of the farmer.



About IntelinAir:

IntelinAir is a full-season and full-spectrum crop intelligence company focused on agriculture that delivers actionable intelligence to help farmers make data-driven decisions to improve operational efficiency, yields, and ultimately their profitability. IntelinAir combines the power of aerial imagery analytics through computer vision and deep learning methodologies, agronomic science, and user-friendly interface (mobile) technologies to deliver near real-time decision support to farmers. The company’s flagship solution AgMRI™ is a field health monitoring and early-warning system that enables farmers to manage their operations proactively and with confidence.


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