Ensure the Safety of Farmers and Retail Employees During COVID-19

Crisis is accelerating the inevitable transition to digital agriculture


Agronomists and retailers often find themselves overwhelmed. Selling the right combination of seeds, chemicals, and other products to growers spread across a sizable geographic region involves hopping in the car and driving for hours just to have a five-minute conversation with a grower. Now, add to that the complications of social distancing to beat the novel coronavirus, and a challenging job in the best of times becomes a struggle.


No industry has been spared from the global pandemic; everyone has had to find ways to adapt. Many have turned for the first time to teleconferencing and other creative ways to get the job done without personal contact. But agriculture is different. It has always been hands-on. It’s not like a teleconference on Zoom can tell you why a corn field’s yields have been dropping.


Arming the agronomist with AgMRI to support ag at a critical time


Products like IntelinAir’s AgMRI offer agronomists a new way to provide an even better service to their customers — ensuring fields will continue growing at their best so America’s families will continue to be fed, and growers and agronomists stay safe.


AgMRI does this by using all available data, including satellite and aerial imagery, to keep track of growing performance for an agronomist’s entire portfolio. Now, instead of walking into a meeting with limited insight into how a particular field is performing, the agronomist will have whole-farm intelligence available at a touch — what problems need to be addressed, the field’s growing history, and how competing locations are performing.


Now the agronomist becomes the problem solver, offering a much more compelling pitch to clients. The agronomist knows what’s going on and what needs to be done.


Most of all, the scouting work can be done safely from home, without the need for a site visit. No long drives to and from the location. No risk of accidentally harming your clients with a virus that can spread before you show any symptoms.


AgMRI’s virtual scouting isn’t a cheap substitute for a site visit. It’s a far deeper way to understand how fields are performing and what they need to succeed. AgMRI is a purpose-built digital intelligence platform that provides smart alerts, so the agronomist knows when potential trouble arises across an entire portfolio. Our sophisticated artificial intelligence system analyzes field data around-the-clock. It watches every field and every acre, all season long, ensuring customers are never taken by surprise.


Once alerted, agronomists can provide customers with a plan for corrective action early enough that weeds or disease are eliminated before they can become a problem. The agronomist becomes the hero who saves the harvest.


The COVID-19 crisis has been driving many to experiment with new digital solutions, and it’s likely the country will emerge from the crisis with a new appreciation for the tools that helped them through a tough time.


Rushed site visits that take a lot of valuable time create unacceptable risk. They’re a thing of the past. Smart scouting is the way of the future.


Intelligence drives better decisions for more profitability


Growers simply can’t afford to run their business on hunches and “what has always worked in the past.” The market is tight, and times are tough. The best way to achieve and maintain profitability is to optimize operations so that everything is functioning at peak performance — the right seeds, the right chemicals all working in harmony with the soil conditions, and weather.


Peak performance comes from making the right decisions throughout the season about fungicide application, harvest timing, replanting, drainage, hybrid placement, and so on, based on what the best scientific evidence says is the thing to do. No one person can keep track of every possible option for multiple customers spanning hundreds or thousands of acres.


Smart tools give growers the fighting chance they need to get through the tough situations and deliver the best possible return on income. AgMRI is a powerful digital collaboration platform that will help agronomists and retailers deliver unprecedented value to their customers — while staying safe.




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