Case Study: Combatting Crop Disease with Crop Intelligence

NDVI imagery of a test field showing how disease ruined plant health in untreated areas.

It has often been said that “there are only three certainties in life: death, taxes, and crop disease.” While that was a blatant misquote of Benjamin Franklin, the sentiment remains: crop diseases are a near certainty in any agricultural endeavor. According to the Crop Protection Network, diseases destroyed a staggering 10.6% of all soybean yields and 10.9% of all corn yields across the United States and Ontario in 2018. While that was a particularly bad year, above the 5-8% average, the toll disease takes on agriculture is routinely massive.


Fungicide is first and foremost a preventative measure, rather than a curative one. Because there is a relatively small window where it can be applied effectively, many farmers buy less than they need simply because they have no way of knowing when they will need it. This case study will analyze how the use of Intelinair’s AGMRI Decision Support Platform led a central Illinois group of growers to increase their fungicide purchases by over 20% in one season. It did this by clearly demonstrating the power of fungicide, providing disease-detection insights that maximized its efficacy, and building trust between growers and retailers with this information.


Read the full case study.


UPDATED 10/14/2021: See article posted to AgriTech Tomorrow website here


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IntelinAir, Inc., the automated crop intelligence company, leverages AI and machine learning to model crop performance and identify problems enabling commercial growers to make improved decisions. The company’s flagship product, AGMRI® aggregates and analyzes data including high resolution aerial, satellite, and drone imagery, equipment, weather, scouting, and more to deliver actionable Smart Alerts on specific problems in areas of fields as push notifications to farmers’ smartphones. The proactive alerts on operational issues allow farmers to intervene, rescue yield, capture learnings for the next season, and identify conservation opportunities for sustainable farming. Annually IntelinAir analyzes millions of acres of farmland, helping growers make thousands of decisions for improved operations and profitability. For more information, follow IntelinAir on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and visit

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