AgMRI for Agronomists

AgMRI helps agronomists raise the bar on the service they provide their customers. With the color-coded map-view and AgMRI’s Smart Alerts, agronomists can view their entire territory at a glance to spot issues. With this proactive intelligence, agronomists can stay ahead of problems and help their growers address them before they escalate.     AgMRI. […]

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Farming Smarter – Success Stories from the Field

As new technology continues to flood agriculture, we hear about ‘smart farming’ constantly. However, many are struggling to see where these products accomplish this, not in theory, but in their operation. With an increasingly competitive landscape, it is critical to be able to implement smart farming practices, but first, we need products that work. Below […]

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Servant Leadership and Fighting Food Insecurity

In the latest season of Tony Robbins’ podcast in which he dives into “The 10 Gifts of Life” with people who embody each of the gifts, Intelinair CEO Al Eisaian talks about the gift of drive, or as Tony calls it, hunger.   Immigrating to the US as a young teen—alone—Al experienced a different kind […]

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Machine Learning in Agriculture

Doing the Impossible: As Simple as Drawing Shapes We’ve all heard tech companies discuss implementing machine learning into their products, but what does that mean? Essentially, it’s training a computer to detect patterns by recognizing similarities between different data layers.   It sounds simple until you realize the sheer magnitude of data needed to generate […]

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Pair Alerts with Compare View for Deeper Insights

One of the most popular features of AgMRI is Weed Watch, which hones in on all the weed problems in your fields and alerts you to them. Paired with Compare View, you can see how fields change over time when you make decisions around it. Compare View lets you look at the same field in […]

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New Feature: Compare View

AgMRI continues to evolve, and we’re excited to share one of the newest features for 2020 – Compare View. With this feature, you can look at different flight dates and lenses to get to the root of issues.   In this video, AgMRI’s high resolution and powerful analytics highlight emergence problems in the early season—even […]

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Find Weeds in the Late Season

One of the biggest challenges of raising any crop is weed pressure. Throughout the season, #AgMRI detects, quantifies, and alerts growers to weed issues in the field. Here in the late season, AgMRI alerted to some resistant weeds in this bean field.     by Conner Schmidt, Account Manager Growing up on a family farm […]

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Working Toward a Resolution

When it comes to aerial imagery, one thing needs to be very clear: the picture. There are three major components to providing quality insights via aerial imagery: Spatial Resolution Spectral Resolution Temporal Resolution Spatial Resolution Spatial resolution is the overall clarity of a picture. The higher the spatial resolution, the clearer the picture because the […]

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Insights from Late Season Flights

There is still much to learn from #AgMRI, even this late in the season.   Two hybrids in this field began showing differences in July. Where one had a healthy stand, the other was going down. In October, AgMRI shows the corn that went down stayed greener while the other was ready for harvest. Using […]

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