Planting a Solution for Climate Change

Real-world problems rarely have simple solutions, and few systems are as complex as the global climate. A one-off, quick fix isn’t going to bring the planet back into balance. It will require a concerted effort across a number of fronts over a considerable amount of time to bring about the level of change needed. The […]

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The Intelligent Future is What We Need to Save the Environment

Farmers are the best stewards of the land. When their fields suffer, so does their livelihood. While we all benefit from a healthy environment, nobody has a greater incentive to manage this important resource with care, ensuring the land continues to be productive year after year. At the same time, there’s plenty of room for […]

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How to Implement an Intelligent Future for Farm Policy

It’s time for the U.S. to renew its commitment to being the preeminent global agriculture powerhouse by becoming more intelligent about how we grow.   In recent years, countries like Brazil and Argentina have gained tremendous ground, and they are angling for nothing less than the top spot in terms of food production. In 2018, […]

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Why an Intelligent Future for Farm Policy Matters

On his way out the door as U.S. Secretary of Health and Human services years ago, Tommy Thompson made a rather shocking admission. “For the life of me,” he said, “I cannot understand why the terrorists have not attacked our food supply because it is so easy to do.”   It was an uncomfortable truth […]

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An Intelligent Future for Farm Policy

Smart technologies and artificial intelligence can help farmers grow food more profitably and more sustainably. But they can do so much more.   The benefit to the individual farmer is clear: decision-support tools provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing the upcoming harvest’s yields are going to be as high as they can […]

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How Seedsmen Can Use AgMRI

AgMRI’s crop intelligence helps seedsmen and other retail partners bring value to their customers and stay ahead of issues. Check out three issues in this field that allowed the seedsman to have meaningful conversations with his grower.   Split Hybrid Emergence. AgMRI’s Row Tracer layer evaluates emergence row-by-row, and the ultra-high resolution imagery helps paint […]

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AgMRI Turns Retail Advisors into Heroes

IntelinAir’s AgMRI provides a scalable platform for analyzing and optimizing farm operations. Our automated crop intelligence provides the insight you need, whether you’re talking about a single acre or a million acres.   For crop advisors who have to juggle a portfolio of fields spanning thousands of acres, AgMRI is the solution they’ve always dreamed […]

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Making Yourself a Retail Hero

Who doesn’t want to be the one who saves the day? Through their advisors, agricultural retailers are often the bearer of bad news for customers. So many of the factors involved in growing are beyond our control. When yields are down, it’s the weather. When profits are down, it’s the trade war. And so on. […]

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Become a Superstar Grower
Part Two: AgMRI

As we saw in our last installment, intelligent augmentation is all about combining what machines are best at doing — processing data — with what we humans do best — making judgment calls. Intelinair’s AgMRI uses intelligent augmentation to boost profits for growers by supercharging their ability to make critical farm decisions.   A lot […]

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Upping the Retail Game

What will agricultural retailers look like in the near future? We know they’re going to have to be a lot more efficient to remain competitive in this rapidly changing marketplace.   Retailers rely on an army of agronomists, consultants, and crop specialists to provide essential advice to customers about how to make the most of […]

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