Out-Serve Your Competitors

Digital technology is getting bigger and better, faster and faster. AGMRI is among the top digital agriculture programs available and it’s well on its way to becoming the industry leader for all things ag. Some might view our platform as a tool designed only for the grower’s benefit, but in reality, AGMRI has just as […]

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Isolate and Address Machine Issues

AgMRI can help salesmen make better recommendations for their customers by identifying where their products and services can help their growers. With so many fields to manage, proactive alerts help salesmen prioritize where to spend their time each day.   In cycle 7, AgMRI alerted a salesman to a field with areas lagging behind. He […]

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The Story of the Season: Cycle 6

Proactively Address Mistakes

With summer in full swing, we are about halfway through the season, but there is still plenty to check off the list. Crops have emerged, planting is long gone, side dressings are complete, and the wait until fungicide applications is underway. Scouting your fields to make sure everything is on track is always important, but […]

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Remote Agronomy: Farming From A Distance

In this digital age, where technology is part of our everyday life, the phrase “work from home” takes on a new meaning. The work-life balance can be hard to manage—as much as we hate to admit it.   In agriculture, the window for making decisions can be small and sporadic. What if you were able […]

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Early Nutrient Deficiencies

With crops emerging and replant being taken care of, the next thing at the front of everyone’s mind is: how is my crop doing?   Whether it be poor weather conditions during planting or equipment errors, finding underperforming areas – specifically those affected by rescuable nutrient deficiencies – can be a saving grace for your […]

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Early Emergence and Replant

With planting well underway, the next thing to be on the lookout for during early emergence is your stand count and possible replant areas. Replant can be a real problem during rainy springs and can affect how your final yield will turn out. AgMRI can show you not only the thriving areas in your field […]

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Weed Coverage Control

Whether they’ve been a problem for years or they’re new to your land, weeds are a pesky chore no one cares to worry about all season long. From our current customers located in Illinois, we understand giant ragweed and waterhemp were some of the worst enemies this past season. Knowing weeds are a widespread problem […]

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Changing it Up: Tillage

Evaluating and adapting how you manage your operation never truly stops. After harvest, growers’ minds shift to the next season, which is only a short time away. One thing that can be beneficial for any grower is evaluating what went well and what didn’t throughout the season. Tillage is one way you can get ahead […]

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Al Eisaian joins Louisa Burwood-Taylor on the Future Food podcast

IntelinAir CEO and Co-Founder Al Eisaian joins Louisa Burwood-Taylor on the Future Food podcast to discuss how technologies like AgMRI will help farmers increase sustainability. A lifelong environmentalist, Al became particularly interested in helping solve chronic hunger after seeing a study indicating 800 million people in the world suffer from malnutrition or hunger.   Listen […]

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Driving Agriculture into the Future with Computer Vision

Agriculture’s first appearance at CVPR Advancing AI research brings greater efficiency and sustainability to America’s fields   CVPR is a watershed event for our industry, one that brings enormous benefits to growers and crop advisors who depend on advanced crop intelligence systems.   Each year, the conference brings the best and the brightest together to […]

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