AGvisorPRO Webinar: How to Make the Precision Decision featuring Intelinair’s Kevin Krieg

AGVisorPro sponsored a webinar on Wednesday, January 25, featuring Kevin Krieg as one of the three panelist speakers. The webinar discussion, led by Robert Saik, focused on the bottom up and the top town of precision agriculture.


The panel discussed how to integrate leading soil technology and remote sensing technology to better allocate resources and maximize profits.


The panel of speakers included:

  • Cory Willness – CEO of Croptimistic Technology and CropPro Consulting
  • Kevin Krieg – Director of Business Development at Intelinair
  • Igor Tihonov – Founder and CEO of Solvi
  • Robert Saik – Founder and CEO of AGvisorPRO





About Intelinair

Intelinair elevates agronomic management decisions by providing insights all season long to farmers and ag retailers through its easy-to-use interactive platform AGMRI. High resolution aerial imagery from fixed wing airplane, satellite, or drones provides whole field views increasing efficiency by prioritizing fields and offering assurance that fields are monitored and reviewed for timely decision making and identifying sustainability opportunities. Intelinair analyzes millions of acres in the U.S. and several other countries from its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. Take action through informed management decisions at


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