Agriculture’s Untapped Profit Potential

When you think about the industries that push the boundaries of technology, you think of Silicon Valley giants like Google and Microsoft, or you think of aerospace, defense, and oil and gas exploration. For them, if you’re not on the cutting edge, you’re closing up shop.


The same can’t be said of agriculture. While new technologies are being embraced to assist in individual tasks, the approaches are proprietary and fragmented rather than integrated and comprehensive. The future of ag will move toward a systematic approach, based on artificial intelligence (AI), especially among retailers who are currently leaving a lot of value on the table.


AI maximizes value by directing resources where they’re needed most. Whether it is a small family farm or a large operation spanning hundreds of thousands of acres, the grower’s task each day is largely the same. Without the ability to be everywhere at once, they have to decide where to focus that day to bring about a successful harvest. Where are the issues that need to be addressed? The answer changes by the day. Scalable AI systems can look at current and historical data to find problems so growers can address the most pressing issues.


AgMRI map view highlighting fields with emergence issues to help growers and their partners strategically address issues.

In the early season, for instance, the system might look for emergence issues and identify areas that need replanting. It will find weed issues and identify places where herbicide is needed. It will tell growers each day where they need to scout. Retailers who use these systems will see unmatched outcomes informed by up-to-the-minute data and historical trends.



For large commercial operations and retailers responsible for millions of acres, every minute spent chasing a bad hunch, or using the wrong products at the wrong time represents money lost—money that can be recaptured with more comprehensive AI tools informing the planning process.


Agriculture today is gathering data in unprecedented volumes, but that’s just the first step toward the industry’s ultimate transformation toward comprehensive AI solutions. The bigger the operation, the greater effect optimization will have on the bottom line. We already know the AI revolution is coming to agriculture, just like it has come to other industries. The decisive advantage will come to the players who get in on the game early.



About Al:

Al is passionate about leveraging data to solve problems. At IntelinAir, that means feeding a growing population, driving efficiency and improving grower profitability. Before IntelinAir, Al co-founded IconApps, Integrien Corporation, and CreationPoint Systems—all with successful exits, and held leadership roles at LowerMyBills and Minebea.

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