Helping Farmers through Tough Times

AgMRI is the ultimate tool for optimizing safety and profitability through advanced data analytics


The COVID-19 crisis has clarified just how critical it is for growers to maintain the safety and profitability of their operations. With the entire supply chain under unprecedented stress right now, there’s no room for mistakes. Advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence tools can help keep operations stable and safe.


Setting up an artificial intelligence system might seem intimidating, as “Big Data” tools have often turned out to be a “Big Hassle” that don’t provide much insight. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The smarter and more powerful the tool, the easier it will be to use. The goal is to have an AI tool that works for you, not the other way around.


That’s especially true as we find ourselves in a global pandemic, where local officials are urging everyone to stay at home and not venture outside for anything but the most essential tasks. Of course, agriculture is close to the top of everyone’s “essential” list — we all need to eat — but that doesn’t mean that growers won’t appreciate having the option to scale back and use their valuable time more strategically.


Get strategic about safety with virtual agronomist support


When it’s necessary to venture out in the field, AI tools can arm the grower with a detailed plan of action. Virtual scouting offers unprecedented visibility into the fields, with all of the potential problem areas and situations that need corrective action marked ahead of time — all from the comfort of home. This is what makes it possible to go out and scout with pinpoint accuracy. No time in the field will be wasted, and the actions taken will be the ones that have the most impact on yields.


IntelinAir’s AgMRI is the ultimate tool for making the most of your time in the field. We put a lot of effort into designing a beautiful interface that makes taking advantage of the unprecedented power of AI while making it so simple to use that it fits right in the palm of your hand. Our new iPhone app shows you at a glance all of the most important things that you need to know right now. Custom alerts maintain constant watch over your field and keep you informed about developing situations all season long so that you can take action to fix any potential problems before they have a chance to get out of hand.

With one touch, you can identify all the significant trends across your entire operation. You can even see a historical perspective so you can plan better. Do you need to replant? Are there any equipment problems contributing to emergence and yield loss? Are there drainage issues that can be addressed before they affect yield? How should you time everything, from planting to harvest, for the best possible results? It’s complete farm intelligence.


Protect your most valuable assets: your fields


Of course, the worst part of the current crisis is that it hit at a time when agriculture was already feeling squeezed by trade wars and commodity prices. So AgMRI isn’t just protecting the fields from weeds, disease, insects, nutrient deficiency, and other related problems. It’s also keeping track of financial performance at every step of the way so that growers will know the potential cost and potential reward for the decisions that will have to be made throughout the season.


AgMRI keeps the grower informed, as an informed grower can make better decisions in the field. That will lead to superior results — higher yields and stronger financial performance. It’s precisely what is needed to maintain peak performance in these troubled times. Spend less time worrying and more time thinking about what needs to be done to keep your family safe.


In time, things will return to normal. People will once more be allowed to go outside and resume their lives. Commerce will thrive once again. But the biggest threats to a great harvest aren’t going anywhere. Farmers are still going to need the best intelligence to stay ahead of trouble, to remain safe, and to succeed. AgMRI has them covered.



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