AgMRI Weed Alerts:
Field Management X-ray Vision

All good technology has a few things in common.

  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s highly valuable
  • And it saves you time.


While old aerial imagery technology was interesting, it often failed on one or more of the above. Thankfully, AgMRI from Intelinair isn’t just aerial imagery. It’s ultra hi-resolution (3-inch resolution vs. 30 feet resolution with most satellite imagery), combined with artificial intelligence.


That means when you open AgMRI, you don’t just get a bunch of images dumped on you. Our software reads the images for you and instantly tells you which fields deserve your focus and energy.  Weed Watch is one of our customer favorites, here’s how it works.

We Analyze the Data – This gives you instant insight into which fields have weed pressure.

AgMRI’s artificial intelligence reads data from a variety of sources to identify weeds. Instead of having to analyze unfamiliar aerial imagery, we highlight exactly where the weeds are in your fields, so you know exactly where to focus your energy.


In the image below, AgMRI distinguishes dense weed areas (red), weed clusters (yellow), and sparse weeds (green).

You See Pre-Sorted and Organized Views – We display your biggest yield protection opportunities, by field, in list view or map view

We save you time and get you information fast by listing the fields with the most pressing needs in two different, but equally useful views. 

List view lays out all your fields, showing you how many acres of weeds we’ve detected on each one. You can quickly and easily sort the list to focus on the most severely affected fields.

Map view shows you color-coded maps of your fields. Green fields have low weed pressure. Yellow fields have moderate weed pressure, and Red fields have high weed pressure.

Scout from your iPad and Zoom to Field Level – At 3-inch resolution, you can see the distinct crop rows and weed clusters.

With the ultra hi-resolution images provided in AgMRI, you can see weed clusters for yourself, know exactly where to go when you inspect and treat the weeds, and how much chemical to bring with you.

Easily Share with your Support Team – Collaborate with other team members by easily sharing what you see in AgMRI.

AgMRI makes sharing information with your agronomists, family, partners, or hired hands extremely easy. You can easily send links and directions to anyone on your team with the exact information you want them to see.


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