AgMRI Turns Retail Advisors into Heroes

IntelinAir’s AgMRI provides a scalable platform for analyzing and optimizing farm operations. Our automated crop intelligence provides the insight you need, whether you’re talking about a single acre or a million acres.


For crop advisors who have to juggle a portfolio of fields spanning thousands of acres, AgMRI is the solution they’ve always dreamed about. To give just one example, we provide a rolling yield forecast for each individual field for each individual customer, all season long. The advisor can track key performance metrics, setting customized alerts for each customer so the advisor is never caught off guard by a problem that goes unnoticed.


AgMRI monitors crop health from emergence through harvest, providing a detailed analysis of how each field, and each plant, is performing compared to the rest. Advisors will know instantly where their attention is needed.


That means advisors are always on top of the situation, providing advice based on the best available information — information that’s just one click or one touch away. AgMRI’s curated experience organizes all of the data within a visually attractive, one-touch interface that provides an entirely new perspective on growing.


You get annotated crop imagery taken all season long. You get heat maps and easy-to-understand charts that illustrate crop performance. What part of the field is underperforming? That information is conveyed at a glance so it can be quickly acted upon by advisors juggling multiple clients.


We could take the easy way and just highlight the areas with low yield in red as if that’s the end of the story. But we don’t stop there. AgMRI takes into account soil composition, topography, growing history, and many other factors to provide an alert that lets you know when an area that should be performing better is underperforming.


You can’t pay attention to everything, so the system prioritizes the yield threats that have the most impact for each of your customers.


Because AgMRI includes crop intelligence covering all the fields in your portfolio, plus metrics from partners, you’re going to have the big picture. You’re going to see the megatrends that affect all the operations in your area. You’ll also have access to a historical perspective that can further hone planning and management advice.

Which chemicals are proving most effective? What seed varieties stand out this season? You’ll have all the answers.


AgMRI helps with over forty key decisions made during the growing season, from pre-plant through post-season analysis. With AgMRI, you’ll have the answers. You can be a retail hero.



About Al:

Al is passionate about leveraging data to solve problems. At IntelinAir, that means feeding a growing population, driving efficiency and improving grower profitability. Before IntelinAir, Al co-founded IconApps, Integrien Corporation, and CreationPoint Systems—all with successful exits, and held leadership roles at LowerMyBills and Minebea.

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