IntelinAir Director of Machine Learning To Present at AAAI 2021 and Oregon State University Physics Colloquia

CHAMPAIGN, IL – February 2, 2021 —IntelinAir, Inc., offering automated crop intelligence, announced today that the company’s Director of Machine Learning, Jennifer Hobbs, will be presenting at two upcoming conferences. Hobbs will be presenting at AAAI 2021, one of the top international AI conferences, and at the Oregon State University’s Physics Colloquia.


Hobbs’ presentations will include:




About Jennifer Hobbs, PhD

As Director of Machine Learning at IntelinAir, Jennifer and her team are responsible for the development and delivery of models that identify and alert users of relevant patterns in the field. Throughout her career, Hobbs has been involved in all phases of the Machine Learning lifecycle, transforming raw data into compelling technology products through data modeling and architecture, pipeline design and management, and visualization. She holds a PhD in Physics and Astronomy from Northwestern University.


About IntelinAir, Inc.

IntelinAir, Inc., the automated crop intelligence company, leverages AI and Machine Learning to model crop performance and identify problems enabling commercial growers to make improved decisions. The company’s flagship product, AgMRI® aggregates and analyzes data including high resolution aerial, satellite, and drone imagery, equipment, weather, scouting, and more to deliver actionable Smart Alerts on specific problems in areas of fields as push notifications to farmers’ smartphones. The proactive alerts on operational issues allow farmers to intervene, rescue yield, capture learnings for the next season, and identify conservation opportunities for sustainable farming. Annually IntelinAir analyzes millions of acres of farmland helping growers make thousands of decisions for improved operations and profitability. IntelinAir is headquartered in Champaign, Illinois. For more information, visit

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